How to add GST Taxation in Woocommerce

In India GST became mandatory for each and every product, GST means goods and service tax. It was implemented by our Prime minister Mr. Modi. So we have to implement for service industry, now in order to implement we have to know percentage of the tax for each and every industry. Basically our market is service industry, for service industry GST is 18% i.e 9% CGST(Central GST) & 9% SGST (State GST).

Now i have to integrate for all of my clients, no matter what so i decided to write a tutorial for them so that they can do it for them selves manually.

Lets dig in to our tutorial.

Step 1:

Log in to our WordPress dashboard

Step 2:

Now navigate through Woocommerce-> Settings

Step 3:

In Setting check the box on Enable tax rates and calculations and then click on Save changes.

Step 4:

Now the Tax tab will be created, now click on Tax tab and enter in to that panel.

Step 5:

In Tax, Go to Additional tax classes and type the tax name i.e GST TAX and click on Save Changes button.

Step 6:

Now GST Tax Rates tab is created and click on it so that you can enter the GST rates accordingly in it.

Step 7:

In this step, you have to enter the following details. So i created sub steps for you to understand.

1. Click two times on insert row.
2. Type IN in Country code.
3. Type IN in Country code.
4. Type 9% in Rate % input box.
5. Type 9% in Rate % input box.
6. Type SGST in Tax name input box.
7. Type CGST in Tax name input box.
8. Type 1 in priority input box.
9. Type 2 in priority input box.
10. Click on save changes.

Now You have created a GST Taxation. Now you have to apply it in your woocommerce products.

Step 8:

Now go to the product which you want and select the drop down to taxable and in tax class select GST TAX and click publish, as shown in below picture.

Step 9:

GST tax of 18% is applied.

That’s it.

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